Swiss Technology, Non-Slip, Non-corrosive Tweezer

 For holding and manipulating small and delicate components

 These stainless steel tweezers are anti-static and have VERY fine sharp tips for precise work



  •       Invaluable for picking up and handling screws and other small components
  •          Perfect for all holdings, pulling, squeezing, picking up, and plucking jobs
  •          Its anti-static function prevents ESD damage to sensitive electronics
  •          Different tips for different usages: pointed for ultimate precision, angled for ergonomic accuracy, and blunt for heavy lifting
  •          The hollow holes in the handle of the tweezers are designed for increasing friction, so that it will not slip easily when using the tweezers


 Used For:

  • Smartphone repairs
  • micro-electronics and electronics work
  • bird nest cleaning
  • computers 
  • watches
  •  laboratories
  •  hospitals etc



  •  Ultra-rigidity
  •  Non-magnetic stainless steel
  •  Ultra-fine point
  •  Protective acid-proof coating
  •  High temperature resistant carbon fiber
  •  ESD (Electro Static Discharge) safe



  • Model Number: A8 Series, BK-SS-SA ESD
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Colour: Silver
  • Size: 14 cm
  • Head Type: Straight
  • Technology: Electroplate
  • Hardness: HRC40

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Baku Ultra-Fine Point Stainless Steel Precision Tweeze

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